Partnership with Purpose: What makes a good fit?

Posted by VersaCold on Aug 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

B&G Foods + VersaCold

VersaCold is a food-first company. And the best way we ensure this is through dedicated partnerships.

As Director of National Accounts, Ian Sinclair works with VersaCold’s key accounts to help them achieve their goals with custom solutions based on their corporate objectives and business requirements. His main goal is building a strong partnership with clients to better understand how to grow their business.

When B&G Foods, a food company with 125+ years of experience and 50+ iconic brands, were looking for a strategic partner in Canada, Ian knew VersaCold would be a perfect fit. The relationship evolved over the course of a year as the companies continued to build their trust and understanding of one another. For B&G Foods, finding the right partner was a huge decision, and for Ian that meant showing B&G how their food matters.

We sat down with Ian and Tom Heslin, Director of Distribution at B&G Foods, to discuss the consumer journey process and what makes a good supply chain partner.

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Select Ready Foods Case Study

Posted by VersaCold on Mar 2, 2017 11:24:16 AM

VersaCold warehousing services provide each client with customized solutions that are designed to fit the unique needs of their temperature sensitive products. This week, we will explore our unique partnership with Select Ready Foods, a provider of high-quality beef, pork and chicken products to foodservice industries and families all across Canada. When Select Ready Foods was looking to improve their supply chain processes, they came to VersaCold seeking a warehousing solution for their temperature sensitive products that fit their current business needs and future growth plans.

Why was VersaCold’s customized warehousing solution the right fit for Select Ready Foods? Read more to find out.

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Schooten & Sons Case Study

Posted by VersaCold on Jan 26, 2017 2:31:27 PM

VersaCold provides more than services; we offer completely integrated and customized solutions. This week we are taking a look at our successful partnership with Schooten & Sons Custom Feedyard Ltd., a family owned operation that has been in the cattle feeding and farming business for 40 years. The company operates a 45,000 head custom feed yard that specializes in finishing calves utilizing the latest technology and industry innovations as part of its custom feedyard operations.

Why did Schooten & Sons Custom Feedyard Ltd. turn to VersaCold to provide fourth party logistics (4PL) to manage its supply chain? Read more to find out.

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