Select Ready Foods Case Study

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VersaCold warehousing services provide each client with customized solutions that are designed to fit the unique needs of their temperature sensitive products. This week, we will explore our unique partnership with Select Ready Foods, a provider of high-quality beef, pork and chicken products to foodservice industries and families all across Canada. When Select Ready Foods was looking to improve their supply chain processes, they came to VersaCold seeking a warehousing solution for their temperature sensitive products that fit their current business needs and future growth plans.

Why was VersaCold’s customized warehousing solution the right fit for Select Ready Foods? Read more to find out.

The Opportunity:

Before this opportunity to improve supply chain processes arose, VersaCold had a pre-established partnership with Select Ready Foods that saw the clients’ services and volumes split between VersaCold and another warehouse provider. This arrangement created some inevitable supply chain challenges and limited efficiencies with product management and rotation that left Select Ready Foods looking for alternatives. Understanding the limitations of this approach, VersaCold approached Select Ready Foods with a solution to improve their   supply chain processes ensuring maximum visibility and flexibility with their inventory to service current needs and future growth plans.

The VersaCold Solution:

Working with Select Ready Foods, VersaCold developed a customized warehousing solution that saw unification of temperature sensitive inventory at one location. To accomplish this objective, VersaCold took several steps to ensure they understood the complex operational needs of Select Ready Foods and could confirm the complete transfer of inventory to a single site would be accomplished on day one without disruptions to the client’s current supply chain. These steps included:

  • Reviewing all service requirements of the business to ensure VersaCold could accommodate all areas of the business – including CFIA inspections and releases
  • Examining all timetables required to meet the needs of multiple production facilities in order to understand operation requirements fully
  • Confirming volume forecasts and food safety requirements

VersaCold provided special rates and services from VersaCold transportation to enable a swift and concise movement of the entire inventory from the secondary warehouse to the new facility. The timing of the move and lots were arranged so that all products arrived at VersaCold without interruption to their shipping schedule. 

Customer Benefits: 

VersaCold’s customized warehouse solution provides Select Ready Foods with the following benefits:

  • Successful consolidation of all raw material and finished product at a single location enabled Select Ready Foods to review and manage their product easily
  • Access to the VersaCold customer portal along with our other electronic resources (eDocs) ensures that all necessary paperwork is received on time
  • Utilization of VersaCold Transportation and Warehouse business unit offerings meets unique inspection requirements resulting from multiple production facilities along with the quick turnaround times for delivery

These services and commitment to Select Ready’s success ensure a strong and beneficial partnership between these two organizations going into the future.

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