VersaCold Ensures Truckers Have Access to Washrooms

Posted by: VersaCold on Apr 3, 2020 5:45:22 PM


Drivers provide an essential service and its important they be treated well

VersaCold appreciates that governments are recognizing transportation as an essential service.

All truck drivers picking up or making deliveries to VersaCold locations will have access to washroom facilities.

This comes in response to concerns expressed by drivers and industry groups that, while considered an essential service, drivers have found it increasingly difficult to access washrooms.

In response, VersaCold acting quickly to ensure that by Sunday there are washrooms services – either permanent or temporary - available at every one of its 29 nationwide locations.

‘Many drivers arrive at VersaCold facilities from across North America and they need access to basic personal services,’ says Sandro Caccaro, Senior Vice-President and General Manager at VersaCold Transportation Solutions. ‘We appreciate the services that drivers provide and its important to us that they be treated well.’

The company is implementing this while also prioritizing the health and safety of employees with stringent policies to prevent the spread of germs, including COVID-19, into its facilities.

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