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CPX: Experts in expedited seafood shipments

Shipping seafood presents many challenges. The unpredictability of harvesting live fish means yields vary and transportation volumes aren’t readily known, which can lead to surpluses or shortages in transportation capacity. Different products often need to be shipped at different temperatures. And with fish losing value every day they are out of the water, producers face immense pressure to get their product on shelves as quickly as possible.

On top of everything else, there’s the looming threat of climate change. With temperatures rising in the Pacific, yields are shrinking, forcing manufacturers to move to Atlantic Canada and elsewhere.

Seafood producers need a transportation and logistics partner with the team, the flexibility and the technology to get their product to key markets quickly, safely and without hassle.

Introducing CPX | Coastal Pacific Xpress

CPX is that transportation partner. A division of VersaCold, CPX specializes in the expedited truckload and LTL shipment of temperature-sensitive perishable food products throughout the US and Canada. And we’re experts in seafood, shipping over 100 million pounds of fish per year.

Here are 4 key reasons to ship seafood with CPX:

Large, asset-based network

CPX is one of the larger transportation carriers operating in the US, with an asset-based fleet of hundreds of refrigerated units. That size means flexibility. We can dedicate additional trucks for large yields while still providing the expertise and the peace of mind of working with an asset-based carrier. And because we have so many trucks on the road at a given time, we have more options to fix any challenges that arise.

World-class transit times

We use driver teams, with one driver behind the wheel while the other rests, to enable our trucks to run almost 24 hours a day. We also offer a dedicated 24/7 office team to provide updates for our customers and respond to any issues encountered while a load is en route.

This means non-stop service and getting products onto shelves as fast as possible, ensuring the best-quality fish for your customers and consumers. (Think fresh fish from Vancouver to Los Angeles in 24 hours, or to Phoenix in 32.) More than 99% of CPX shipments arrived on time last year—a world-class number that fits our world-class customers.

Multi-temp trailers

CPX uses multi-temperature trailers, each with three separate reefer units. So, for example, one compartment can be kept at 28° F for fresh halibut or salmon, a second at -20° F for frozen fish, and a third at 34° F for live shellfish and oysters. It all adds up to the custom solution you need.

We’re where you are

Though shipping along the I-5 corridor remains a key focus for CPX (the “P” in CPX stands for Pacific, after all), we now offer truly coast-to-coast services. We’ve expanded our network to offer premium services along the Eastern Seaboard to cities like Boston, New York and Miami, as well as key inland markets like Chicago. And we’re expanding in Atlantic Canada to serve seafood producers who are shifting focus to that region.

Our seafood promise

With our large, asset-based network, team drivers, multi-temp trailers and ability to ship throughout the US and Canada, it’s no wonder that CPX is a trusted partner for so many major North American seafood producers. Delivering high-value products safely and on time is how we ensure the satisfaction of our customers—and the safety, quality and freshness of the food families eat. Your food matters. Let the experts in expedited seafood shipments show you how.

To learn more about shipping seafood with CPX, contact our sales team at or 1-800-563-COLD.

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