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The top 5 reasons to drive for Coastal Pacific Xpress (CPX)

Coastal Pacific Xpress (CPX) is a Surrey, BC-based business unit of VersaCold Logistics Services with services including the shipping of temperature-sensitive products across Canada and the United States. Our customer base is comprised of some of North America’s leading companies, with a particular concentration on the food processing and grocery retailing sectors.

To ensure peak performance along the road, CPX puts a lot of emphasis on hiring—and keeping—the right people. We sat down with Jacinta Deol and Roman Brar, driver managers at CPX, to chat a bit about what it’s like to work for CPX and why drivers should want to. Here are 5 reasons they shared:

1) Work for an industry-leading business
CPX was established in 1986 and is now a division of VersaCold, one of North America’s largest supply chain companies focused exclusively on the handling of temperature-sensitive food products. The acquisition has enabled VersaCold to expand its reach and become one of the North American leaders in food-focused temperature-sensitive transportation solutions.

Brar shares a bit about CPX’s reputation: “We’re a large organization that maintains partnerships and relationships with some of the largest shippers of produce, protein and seafood, ensuring good, reliable work.” Our reputation in the industry allows us to attract and retain top employees who want to gain knowledge and experience from the best in the business.

2) Surround yourself with great people
When we asked Deol and Brar what they value most about working for the CPX division of VersaCold, the people were at the top of their lists. According to Deol, it’s the “friendly, professional atmosphere, great people and rewarding work” that keep drivers around. Brar echoes this sentiment, adding, “The company has fostered a culture that values people,” something that is sometimes difficult to come by. “They’re committed to retaining drivers for the long term, and it shows. Enjoying who you work with makes all the difference in the world.” Building a great team is something we pride ourselves on. We live our values and work as a team to build relationships that deliver on our customers’ expectations at every turn.

3) Earn a competitive salary and employee benefits
When we take care of our drivers, they take care of us. The CPX team is a crucial part of our company and we always want them to feel valued and respected. That’s why we offer a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits packages. We also offer paid vacation, tuition reimbursement and employee and family assistance plans. We recognize hard work and we always ensure it’s rewarded.

4) Take advantage of a flexible and reliable work schedule
Along with good pay and employee benefits, CPX offers a flexible schedule with steady miles. “We are committed to retaining drivers for the long run,” says Deol. “That means finding the right drivers and providing them with job stability and security.” Drivers can make their schedule work for them to ensure they can return to what matters most—their families. Our flexibility facilitates great work-life balance and vacation time when needed.

But the flexible nature of the transportation industry can also lead to one of its pain points—downtime. Recognizing the fact that journeys can drag out over weeks, CPX always goes above and beyond to find return loads to ensure every trip maximizes time and efficiency. “CPX offers drivers good, long miles and year-round routes to ensure good work is always available,” adds Brar.

5) Do work that’s rewarding
Above all, CPX offers work that’s rewarding and fulfilling. “We provide a variety of lanes and scenic routes. We give our drivers new challenges to keep them engaged and working together as a team. This includes the opportunity to assist customers with high-touch needs and help load or unload product. Plus, our onboarding and training processes are well designed with continuous support throughout,” says Deol.

CPX also offers drivers peace of mind in knowing they’re always safe and protected. “As a 24/7 dispatch operation, CPX ensures timely communication between drivers, dispatch and customers. Our satellite-equipped power units and proactive repair and maintenance program keep drivers covered.” So drivers can focus more on the parts of the job they enjoy—like transporting and handling the product—and less on their equipment.

Each year, our drivers handle and ship millions of pounds of temperature-sensitive products. That’s why we strive to hire—and keep—the best, most dedicated drivers who always ensure the safety, quality and freshness of the food families eat. Our people are our biggest advantage, and your food is our biggest priority.

We are currently hiring owner-operators, company drivers and teams. If you’d like to become a team member with Canada’s leading food-focused logistics company, or if you’d like to learn more about CPX, please contact us at Jeromy.Vindevoghel@versacold.com.

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