One Million Pounds of Food (and Counting)

Posted by: VersaCold on Dec 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM


VersaCold’s Food Banks Canada partnership passes donation milestone

When VersaCold set out in 2018 to find a charitable partner with a strong national presence and real impact at the local level, we found one in Food Banks Canada (FBC). FBC represents and supports a network of more than 650 affiliate food banks and serves approximately 85% of people accessing essential food programs across Canada. With food at the core of VersaCold’s business and our coast-to-coast network giving us extensive reach, the match was obvious.

In addition to food donations, our partnership allows for VersaCold Logistics Services to provide FBC with $150,000 of in-kind services per year, including transportation and storage of food at any of our 29 warehouses across Canada. Now, less than two years into the VersaCold-FBC partnership, we have helped transport and store more than one million pounds of donations, ensuring good, quality food moves safely and efficiently from donors to Canadians who need it. It’s another opportunity for VersaCold to show the communities we serve how your food matters.

A collaborative effort

One million pounds of food donated in less than two years is a huge milestone, and VersaCold is proud of our role in facilitating the movement of donations across the country. But we’re only part of the story. It’s our customers who make the product available for donation. Without their generosity, this program wouldn’t be possible.

From all of us at VersaCold this holiday season, thank you for donating your food. Your participation in this program has made a difference in the lives of Canadians from coast to coast.

A special thank you goes out to our staff as well. In addition to supplying their skills and know-how as part of the VersaCold-FBC partnership, the team participated in a company-wide food drive this fall, donating over 3,000 lbs of their own food to local food banks across Canada. Thanks for your help in supporting Canadians in need.

To 2 million and beyond

With one milestone reached, VersaCold is excited to continue partnering with Food Banks Canada into 2020. Says VersaCold President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Arcamone, “I am proud of our customers and employees for achieving the milestone of 1 million lbs of food donations. The partnership with Food Banks Canada has been a great success and I look forward to seeing even greater success in the future.”

While giving takes on a special meaning during the holiday season, we know better than anyone how important the safe and efficient delivery of food is all year round. We’re looking forward to providing our warehousing, transportation and logistics solutions to FBC for the foreseeable future—to 2 million pounds of food and beyond.

If you’re a current VersaCold customer and you’d like to learn more about donating food to Food Banks Canada, please reach out to your Business Development representative or contact our sales team at To donate to Food Banks Canada directly, contact

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