Less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation. More capacity and reach.

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VersaCold temperature-controlled LTL

Ensuring the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive food is our biggest priority. That’s why VersaCold offers a variety of services that help create a customized transportation solution to suit all needs, big and small.

The backbone of VersaCold Transportation Solutions is refrigerated less-than-truckload transportation (LTL). With the widest network of temperature-controlled, food-focused LTL in Canada, we have the capacity and reach to efficiently distribute products for both global food companies and regional processors.

But with all the transportation solutions out there, it can be tough to determine which one is right for you. As the market leader in Canada, we’re breaking it down for you.

Overview and benefits of LTL
LTL is a transportation service that combines small orders from various sources to ship to a customer. Some transportation providers offer regular scheduled service, relying on a steady volume of product from various shippers to make the service viable.

By consolidating several LTL shipments from multiple sources, shippers can move smaller amounts of product more frequently and more cost-effectively, making it ideal for smaller businesses and/or shipments. Utilizing a regularly scheduled service, shippers also ensure frequent stock replenishment and avoid inventory stockouts. LTL also allows for delivery volumes to be flexible with each shipment, making it easy for the shipper to flow with fluctuations in customer demand.

What types of LTL services does VersaCold offer?
VersaCold provides LTL transportation solutions for many types of temperature-controlled products, with deliveries to all points in Canada. Through our CPX division, we deliver LTL quantities direct to the United States. In addition to our regularly scheduled standard LTL services, we also offer our expedited multi-temperature service with the ability to cost-effectively split fresh and frozen goods in the same trailer. All services are available domestically and cross border, delivering both north and south.

VersaCold is the leader in temperature-controlled LTL
As a one-stop food logistics solution, VersaCold offers the highest capacity and highest frequency of refrigerated LTL service in Canada. But what makes VersaCold the best choice for temperature-controlled LTL delivery?

  • Scheduled transit across Canada, with US reach
  • Daily pickup and delivery in major Canadian markets and regional corridors
  • National terminal network and feeder service
  • Trailers with multi-temperature zones
  • Flexibility to accommodate changes in daily orders
  • Advanced technology like Thermo King TracKing™ and PeopleNet for safe, trackable transport of foods
  • All facilities are HACCP certified and most facilities are BRC certified
  • Cost efficiencies when picking up from/delivering to a VersaCold warehouse—these savings can be passed on to shippers
Offering all this and more, VersaCold has the network, knowledge and equipment to seamlessly accommodate all of your LTL needs.

With our other flexible service offerings, wide national reach and keen focus on food safety, VersaCold is able to remain a leader in food logistics in North America, always ensuring the safety and quality of the food families eat.

If you’d like to partner with Canada’s leading food-focused logistics company or learn more about LTL transportation, please contact us at Sales@VersaCold.com.

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