How does BRC compliance affect the VersaCold customer?

Posted by: VersaCold on May 10, 2017 3:51:49 PM


In the cold chain logistics world, being properly certified is important to both customers and the provider. Not having the right certifications can force customers to carry out costly second party audits with funds that could be better spent within their own company. That is why VersaCold goes above and beyond to provide certifications such as the BRC (British Retaill Consortium) Global Standards for Storage and Distribution, a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized scheme. GFSI is a not-for-profit organization that benchmarks food safety standards around the globe and gives recognition to standards that meet certain agreed upon requirements.

BRC certification gives customers confidence that facilities are operating at a global standard that is concerned with both food safety and food quality. VersaCold is proud to have six of their facilities BRC certified and is projected to have all facilities certified by 2018, with twelve more facilities being added this year. 

What exactly is a BRC certification and why does it matter to VersaCold customers? Read more to find out.

What is the BRC certification?

In the past, independent auditors would rely on a facility’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control (HACCP) plans and adherence to best practices to assess food safety performance. Typically, each audit companies  utilized different standards and language when evaluating a facility. The different standards made it difficult to benchmark effectively and left many questioning the reliability of audit results. In an increasingly globalized world, hundreds of different auditors producing results with no agreed-upon benchmarks to guide them became more problematic.

The BRC was formed as part of an effort to create a global standard for food distribution that would provide a trusted benchmark for audit companies to utilize around the world. A BRC certification is particularly useful because it takes into consideration not only food safety but also food quality management and customer expectations.

While BRC is not the only global standard recognized by GFSI, it is a highly regarded standard within the industry.

What step is VersaCold taking to achieve this certification?

To be compliant with BRC standards, VersaCold develops food safety quality management programs that are customized for each facility. Each program considers the individual facility's unique layout, customers, and challenges when developing a program that will take care of clients and their goods.

VersaCold ensures that each facility successfully reaches the high standards set out in the program by first conducting an internal audit to see if any gaps exist in the execution of the program. VersaCold assesses important factors such as the condition of the facility, completion of records, and emerging trends to understand what needs to be addressed to obtain BRC certification. Once VersaCold is satisfied that all requirements are met, a BRC Certification body then conducts the certification auditfor the facility.

What advantages does this certification provide to customers?

With all VersaCold facilities moving towards BRC certification in 2018, what does this mean for VersaCold customers? Here are a couple benefits of working with a supply chain company with BRC certified facilities: 

  • Reduces the need for customers to send in independent auditors to assess the facility. BRC certification has already enabled multi-national companies to drop requirements to have an auditor sent in every year.
  • When a company looks at our audits, they get an audit that is understandable and consistent with a global standard.

Want to learn more about how a BRC certified facility can help your business? Contact one of our Sales Specialists today at or 1-800-563-COLD and let us show you why we are the right choice for your business. 

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