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Why CPX should be your first choice when shipping from the United States to Canada

Coastal Pacific Xpress (CPX) is a Surrey, BC-based division of VersaCold Logistics Services. CPX offers perishable truckload (TL) transportation from the US to Canada.

CPX has served the US since 1986 and has become a trusted, reliable, long-term partner for American companies. We sat down with Derril Hackl, VP and General Manager at CPX, to ask him to share some of the reasons why CPX is often the first choice for US companies when shipping to Canada.

CPX is one of the largest transportation carriers in the US, with an asset-based fleet of 700 refrigerated units—enough of which are consistently in the US to meet customer needs. CPX primarily operates along the West Coast (I-5 corridor) and throughout the Southwest, resulting in adequate capacity to bring loads back to Canada from those regions.

According to Hackl, the large scale of CPX provides customers with more options. “We have a large network that enables us to create a customized solution for almost any customer need—whether it’s a really fast or specialized delivery,” says Hackl.

The large scale and wide network allows CPX to right-size to meet various customer needs. While CPX specializes in expedited delivery of perishable food products using team drivers, standard delivery using single drivers is also offered.

With in-house customs experts, CPX is a full-service, worry-free solution. This is especially valuable for small or medium-sized shippers who require products to get to Canada but lack the customs know-how to get them there. Hackl reinforces this statement. “We have great border-crossing expertise, and because of our supply chain network, CPX operates 24/7/365. So all customers—big and small—are always taken care of.”

CPX has 700 refrigerated units, each equipped with satellite communications. All trailers are late-model food-grade (less than 36 months old) and are equipped with the latest refrigeration and cold chain technology. Hackl shares more on the value of advanced shipping technology: “With real-time temperature and location tracking, we can ensure all products get to their destination safely and efficiently—with the customer’s eyes on them every step of the way. We also have multi-temperature trailers and multiple trailer specs available that can accommodate different temperatures and geographic needs.”

Relationship to VersaCold
CPX is a division of VersaCold Logistics—a food-focused integrated supply chain company with over 1,700 refrigerated trailers and 126 million cubic feet of refrigerated warehouse space. To support VersaCold’s focus on food safety, most warehouses are BRC certified. This connection gives CPX customers access to a company with core abilities to warehouse and distribute products in the Canadian market and access to a team of supply chain professionals who can provide global solutions.

Hackl shares why the partnership has flourished: “CPX can leverage the VersaCold warehouse network across Canada. Between our warehouses and our local network with trucks across the country, we are always ready and able to accommodate any and all of our customers’ needs.”

As a North American leader in transportation services and Americans’ first choice when shipping to Canada, CPX continues to focus on premium service, expedited delivery and custom solutions while expanding their transportation and warehousing network and meeting all customer needs.

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