A Safe Return to Normal

Posted by: VersaCold on Oct 7, 2020 3:55:29 PM


How VersaCold is approaching the next phase of COVID-19 recovery

It’s been over six months since COVID-19 changed the world and VersaCold is proud of the way we’ve adjusted our practices and protocols to help ensure the safety of our employees and the food we move. It’s thanks to these efforts and those of so many other Canadians, that we will continue to persevere through the next phase of the pandemic and the approaching cold and flu season.

With restrictions continuing to change, there is, understandably, a level of uncertainty. For example, parents likely have had to face uncertainty around the return to school. First, whether to send their children back at all. If they do return, must they refrain from visiting elderly family members? What if one of their friends gets sick? As President and Chief Operating Officer of VersaCold Logistics Services, Mike Arcamone, says, “These sorts of questions mirror the situation at VersaCold—we want to return to ‘normal’, but we want to do it safely.”

With the hope of providing some guidance for the next phase of the pandemic, the following are VersaCold’s current recommendations for the optimal safety of our own staff, at work and at home.

At work

VersaCold’s office staff will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, unless specific arrangements have been made otherwise. Those who are on-site for work must continue to follow strict physical distancing procedures, including wearing a mask when meeting with someone inside a small office, and any other time within 2 metres (6 feet) from one another. Surfaces must be disinfected after use.

Other measures that remain in place within the workplace include:

  • Continuation of additional cleaning schedules

  • Gaps between shifts to reduce exposure between employees

  • Reusable masks provided to all employees, and surgical masks available to all drivers

  • Physical barriers installed at various workstations and receiving offices

  • Increased signage and floor markings to assist in ensuring safety precautions are followed

At home

To ensure that workplace efforts are effective, it remains important that we all carry the same level of caution into our homes and communities. For that reason, we’ve defined the scenarios in which our employees may need to self-isolate or self-monitor, now that students have returned to school.

  • If a student living in an employee’s household tests positive for COVID-19, the employee must remain away from work for 14 days, or until otherwise approved to return by local public health authorities.

  • If a classmate of anyone in an employee’s household tests positive for COVID-19, the employee does not need to self-isolate from work but should continue to self-monitor for symptoms.

  • Anyone returning from travel outside of Canada is required by Health Canada to self-isolate for fourteen days. That includes refraining from entering a school or any other public space.

In case of illness

As the flu season approaches, we are reminding employees that if they feel sick, they should stay home. Symptoms may not be related to COVID-19, however, to be safe (and as advised by Health Canada), employees should not be in the workplace if they are sick.

If an employee experiences symptoms of the coronavirus, such as fever, coughing, and difficulty breathing, they are advised to contact a healthcare professional.

Let's continue to keep each other healthy

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we have no doubt that by maintaining healthy practices and being responsible in our own communities, we will help ensure employee safety and business continuity, while also helping to get food to families across the country.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and through careful planning and personal responsibility, we can build a safer workplace together. Contact one of our Business Development leaders today and let us show you why we are the right choice for your business. sales@versacold.com or 1-800-563-COLD.

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